Tazer, Kane, and Dunk. Possible Extension Today

Greg FeinbergContributor INovember 17, 2009

Rumor out there has it that the Blackhawks are close to extending the contracts of Toews, Kane and Duncan Keith.  If this is true it will do 2 things, first it will stop all of those fans out there who are losing it over the possibility that one of these 3 could be shipped out via Free agency.  Secondly, it keeps together easily the top 3 players that the Blackhawks have here in Chicago.  Duncan Keith is one of the few shut down defense men the Blackhawks have. The combo of him and Seabrook combine for a +/- of 14. Keith is ranked 5th in the NHL among all other defense men in points with 5 goals and 10 assists making for 15 points.  He is 3rd in ice time with 26:35 minutes per game and averaging 30.0 shifts a game.  This is a man worth keeping, there was already talks that the Anaheim Ducks where drooling just waiting for him to become available. 

I don't really need to get into the stats of Kane and Toews they are on front lines most of you out there already know about them and know that the arrow for both of these players is pointed up and rising.  These 2 are the future of this team and with out them we are a much worse.  On a closing note, i am glad to finally see a team that is willing to pay for its talent.  The Blackhawks have a long history of not paying and alienating there players.  Thank God for Rocky Wirtz and the Bowman's.