Can Bobby Lashley Replace Brock Lesnar in UFC?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 17, 2009

While Bobby Lashley has not signed with UFC, there has been some speculation that Dana White (UFC President) wants to bring in the former ECW Champion. It was said that White offered him a chance to be on UFC's Ultimate Fighter , and Lashley mentioned that he would have loved to do it, but had to decline because of a fight with Bob Sapp that was being done during the taping.

White is still interested in bringing him in, but will never come out and beg Lashley to make his way into the company. However, he is sorely needed at this point.

Lashley mentioned that he would still love to sign with UFC, and that he wanted to have at least one fight with Brock Lesnar, but that is not going to happen right now, if ever.

He'd be better off signing somewhere else if that is the only reason he wants to come in. He has an offer from Strikeforce, which he could easily take if UFC doesn't come in and offer him a deal.

If you remember, Strikeforce signed Fedor, who could have really helped UFC, but now they will never see him there. If they get Lashley, they could really compete with UFC.

Does UFC want to be the second best or most popular in the world?

Lashley is a great talent, and right now he is probably the hottest MMA free agent around. UFC would be wise to bring him in.

There are many out there who are not high on Lashley as an MMA Fighter. As a wrestler, he could sign anywhere, but if they see him in their precious UFC they will freak out.

However, isn't it proven that former wrestlers do well in UFC? I give you Josh Barnett and Brock Lesnar for a few examples.

You may not like them, but the fact is that they are just as good or better than any other UFC Fighter, and it seems that the heavyweight division that UFC was known for is now depleted.

Frank Mir, Randy Couture, and others are not the highlights of that division any longer. Brock was the big name, but they need another.

I wouldn't go as far to say that he should get a title shot immediately. I'd prefer he work his way up, but give him good fights. Give him some with Carwin, Mir, and others to see if he is good enough to carry the division into the future.

Lesnar was that guy they could rely on, but with all the problems he is having, they need a big name to take his spot. Lashley is that name. He could probably do well there if given the chance.

I am so tired of hearing fans that don't want to see UFC turn into the WWE. It is not turning into the WWE, stop being paranoid. These men are coming in to do a different job. Sure, wrestling we see in the WWE, TNA, ROH and other places is predetermined entertainment, but MMA is not.

MMA is 100% real.

Wrestling has a lot of real things going on in the ring, but not nearly as much as MMA. Wrestling fans know that, MMA fans know that, and the whole world over the age of 11 knows that.

If these men from the WWE or any other wrestling promotion want to come in and fight, let them. Cheer or boo, but don't disrespect them unless they deserve it, and half the time, they don't.

You'd figure fans would stop labeling WWE guys who wanted to transition into MMA when Lesnar came in and dominated the heavyweight division, but it seems they still do not get any respect.

Am I saying all wrestlers could come into MMA and be better than all the MMA guys already there? No. MMA is not for everyone.

However, for people like Lesnar and Lashley, MMA is their calling. They are good at it, just like Mir, Carwin, and others.

Still, unlike Lesnar, Lashley has had a few fights outside of UFC and he is undefeated in MMA competition right now.

He has done well, no matter how he has won. Its like SEC football games, the favorite may not always win big, but they still win. That is what separates a champion from a pretender.

Lashley is a champion that deserves his spot in the best MMA company in the entire world. They need him too.

There is no one who could come on this article and leave a comment telling me otherwise, because if they do, they are sorely wrong and need to look at that division a little better.

Name one person out there in that heavyweight division who could give you the numbers Lesnar could.

Mir? Herring? Carwin?

The fact is that even casual fans of the UFC bought the Lesnar vs. Couture or Lesnar vs. Mir fights on PPV . Then you have wrestling fans that like him too, which adds to the money.

Money talks and Lesnar won those fights, at least the ones for the title. Sure, he lost to Mir the first time around. He did get caught in the end, but that was only after dominating most of that fight. Then the next time they fought, he made sure to not get caught, and totally dominated Mir in the win.

Lashley should be signed to some type of deal where he could come in and fight in the UFC. UFC is in need of him, and he wants to be there.

There is only one issue though: Lashley is currently a member of TNA Wrestling.

If he signs with Strikeforce, they will let him do both wrestling and MMA, but UFC may not let him wrestle.

If they do, he would sign immediately because that would give him the opportunity to do two things he loves. If he can do both and be ready to compete, there should be no issue.

I remember seeing Frank Trigg wrestle in TNA, even while being employed with UFC. So, it's possible.

Lashley doesn't have long before he has to retire from MMA competition. At 33, around the same age Lesnar, he could compete for possibly another five to seven years if he stays healthy.

For now, UFC could take advantage and use him to help them out. They need someone to replace Lesnar, and they have that with Bobby Lashley. You may not like him, but the fact is that he is good for business. I'm just saying.