Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills: Flipping The Bird

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst INovember 17, 2009

86 year old Titan's owner got a fine of $250K for flipping the bird (times 2) toward the Buffalo Bills sideline at the end of the Titans win over the Bills last Sunday.

You may think $250K is excessive, but this is an owner who should be acting a bit more professional. This is in some ways worse than when Michael Vick flipped off the fans. Bud Adams should be held to higher standard and this not how an owner should act, especially at 86!!!

Hey maybe he is still mad about the Buffalo Bills greatest comeback ever against his then, Houston Oilers. Well The Buffalo Bills are still mad about the Music City Miracle but you don't see 90 year old Ralph Wilson acting like this.

Heres the video!