Will the real Greg Carr please stand up?

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IJune 12, 2008

I've been waiting three years now for Greg Carr to breakout.

His first year as a starter for Florida State showed a lot of promise when he had 618 receiving yards with 9 touchdowns. He followed that season up with 619 yards and 12 touchdowns his sophomore year. Last year, he had 795 receiving yards, but only 4 receiving touchdowns.

I realize the quarterback play for the 'Noles has been a problem but this guy should be getting the ball more often. There is no reason for him not to average at least 100 receiving yards each game.

He has been compared to Calvin Johnson because of his height (6-6) and the fact that he's a deep threat. Carr needs to run better routes, which has been an issue, and become more physical.

Carr has first round written all over him, and if he has a break out year this year, he could be a top 10 pick in next years NFL draft. I may be jumping the gun on him a little bit, but as a Florida State fan, it's been depressing watching this guy regress.

If and when the quarterback situation gets sorted out, Carr makes for a great target.  Also, with Preston Parker sitting out the first two games for off the field issues, Carr should get plenty of looks early and often.

Carr has shown flashes, it's time for him to show he's the real deal.