Panthers- Willams and Stewart Are" Double Troubleand Smash and Dash"

Nikolai ClaryContributor INovember 16, 2009

The Carolina Panthers have the Best know RB's in the NFL. Every time they hit the feild and are very beaslty and when they step on the feild there are a big threat. So Carolina will still have a big, awesome,beastly, dangerous, rushing attack. So Carolina will not need to have changes. But they have problems with FB's. So Carolina plays Miami who also has a beastly attack and but  Brown is injured. So he's gone hopefully. But the other Willams is great to but there's only one good Willams and thats Deanglo. So Panthers are going to be great on thursday so Go Panthers. So Panthers will be looking for their 5th Win of the season. So Go Panthers. If the Panther win they will be great.