Panthers- "Jake Looking a Whole Lot Better"

Nikolai ClaryContributor INovember 16, 2009

Jake Delhomme has throw no Int in last 3 three games. The Panthers are getting in sync and need to Keep it up or else they will slip and if they do theirare in trouble. Now the Panthers the way the Panthers are playing they look to be dominate. Their running game keeps on rocking and shaking everybody in the NFL. Jake came into the season throwing it "horribly" but he has changed and is being very smart and efficient. Jake keeps throwing it the Panthers will hard to beat as long as they stay healthy and strong. The Panthers also need to do is not turn the ball over. That has had a lot effect on them. I keep watching him and he's looking very efficient. So Jake keep up the hard work and the Panthers will be successful as they do this. Nor turning it over anywhere pass and running game has no problem. Up next is the Miami Dolphins who have a strong running game so it will be hard to stop(not but it will be a challenge). So Go Panthers!