Bruce Arians Needs to Be Fired: Today!

Nick SignorelliSenior Writer INovember 16, 2009

CLEVELAND - SEPTEMBER 28:  Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians of the Cleveland Browns talks to quarterbacks Tim Couch #2, Nate Hybl #8, and Kelly Holcomb #10 during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 28, 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Bengals defeated the Browns 21-14.  (Photo by Phil Long/Getty Images)
Phil Long/Getty Images

Wondering why I used a picture of the Cleveland Browns in this article about the Steelers

You guessed it, that man in the middle is none other than Bruce Arians, the Steelers current offensive coordinator.

Arians got his start in Cleveland, and the man to his left? That is right, Tim Couch. The Browns first selection coming back into the NFL. What did Arians do for his career? Ruined it!

Sundays game against the Bengals again resulted in another loss by the Steelers, and again, it is thanks to the horrible play calling of the offensive coordinator—Bruce Arians.

There is little question as to the offensive weapons that play on the Steelers. Big Ben Roethlisberger is one of the top quarterbacks playing in the NFL. He has size, arm strength, and an uncanny ability to get himself out of trouble when things break down.

There are two Super Bowl MVP's that start at wide-out. Hines Ward is sure-handed and will take a crushing hit for a few extra yards. Santonio Holmes has speed that can humiliate some of the best corners in the NFL. Don't believe me? Ask Champ Baily what it was like trying to cover him.

The running game has last years first-round pick, Rashard Mendenhall, who is slowly becoming a real threat with the ball in his hand. Heath Miller, one of the best tight ends in the game, has hands as steady as a brain surgeon.

The offensive line, though they take heat for most of Big Ben's sacks, have been reliable this year, both in pass protection and run blocking.

So, why have the Steelers lost three games this year, including two to the Cincinnati Bengals? The horrible play calling from none other than Bruce Arians.

Sunday against the Bengals, the Steelers had to settle for four field goals, with the team marching into the red zone on all four of the field goal attempts. On all four of those possessions, and on the last drive of the game, I called out every play that was going to be run, and did not get a single one wrong !

The predictability of the offensive play calling is so bad that someone that did no film study, or looked at nothing other than the Steelers previous games, could pick out all the plays that were being called. What do you think a professional defensive coordinator do?

There is no creativity at all with the Steelers offensive attack. There are no trick plays, no wildcat, no nothing. I am not saying the Steelers should try to trick teams every game, but why not throw an occasional trick play in, just to keep the other teams defense honest? Because Bruce Arians does not want to.

The Steelers offense is it's best when they go no-huddle. When they do, no one in the league has been able to stop it. Why don't we do it more often? Because Bruce Arians does not want to. Why do you think that is? Because Bruce Arians does not get to call the plays.

I firmly believe that anyone could come in and do as good of a job calling plays as Bruce Arians is. ANYONE! There are plenty of people that are available, such as Jim Haslett, who used to be an offensive coordinator for the Steelers, or even Mike Martz may be available. The fact is, Arians is in over his head and has a job that he can not handle.

As I re-read this article, what comes across as the sad part is, the Steelers are 6-3. They could be so much worse, and they would be with out Ben and the crew, and the no-huddle offense.

It is time for the Steelers to take the next step, and that step is to get rid of the man that is calling all the wrong plays.