Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Broncos and Patriots Weak In Rankings

Lorraine PerlaContributor INovember 16, 2009

After Monday Night Football game, NFL power rankings - Week 11 are updated here. Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are two unbeaten teams which controlled the NFL Power Rankings for Week 11.

In fantasy football, tight ends, defenses and especially kickers are seen as the lesser important positions.

NFL Week 11 holds some exciting match-ups for teams before they head into the Thanksgiving break. It is getting to be make or break teams for many of the teams hovering around or below .500.

Have a look on the following NFL Power Rankings for week 11. Also, I've elaborated the Week 11 NFL Power Rankings next to the below list. It's quite interesting that few teams really did well this time.

1. (2) Indianapolis Colts (9-0)

2. (1) New Orleans Saints (9-0)

3. (4) Cincinnati Bengals (7-2)

4. (6) Minnesota Vikings (8-1)

5. (3) New England Patriots (6-3)

6. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

7. (9) Baltimore Ravens (5-4)

8. (11) Arizona Cardinals (6-3)

9. (13) Green Bay Packers (5-4)

10. (8) Dallas Cowboys (6-3)

11. (7) Denver Broncos (6-3)

12. (14) San Diego Chargers (6-3)

13. (10) Philadelphia Eagles (5-4)

14. (15) New York Giants (5-4)

15. (12) Atlanta Falcons (5-4)

16. (17) Miami Dolphins (4-5)

17. (16) Chicago Bears (4-5)

18. (26) Jacksonville Jaguars (5-4)

19. (18) New York Jets (4-5)

20. (19) Houston Texans (5-4)

21. (21) Carolina Panthers (4-5)

22. (22) Tennessee Titans (3-6)

23. (23) San Francisco 49ers (4-5)

24. (20) Buffalo Bills (3-6)

25. (24) Seattle Seahawks (3-6)

26. (28) Kansas City Chiefs (2-7)

27. (29) Washington Redskins (3-6)

28. (25) Oakland Raiders (2-7)

29. (30) Tampa Bay Bucs (1-8)

30. (31) St. Louis Rams (1-8)

31. (27) Cleveland Browns (1-8)

32. (32) Detroit Lions (1-8)

Let's have a look in an elaborated way on NFL Power Rankings Week 11:

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (1) Indianapolis Colts (9-0)

The Indianapolis Colts remain at ONE. They do not have any depleted defense. Still, Peyton Manning has looked unstoppable in pursuit to a 9-0 record.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (2) New Orleans Saints (9-0)

It appeared as though the Saints overlooked the St. Louis Rams. With the Patriots coming in two weeks, they might overlook the Buccaneers.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (3) Cincinnati Bengals (7-2)

After sweeping the Pittsburgh Steelers, its time to accept that the Cincinnati Bengals are a serious contender in the AFC. The Bengals are a fluke away from being 8-1.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (4) Minnesota Vikings (8-1)

The Minnesota Vikings remain at No.four this week after defeating the Detroit Lions 27-10. Vikings have yet to beat a team that has over five wins going into week 11. Their best victories are against the Ravens and an overrated Packers team.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (5) New England Patriots (6-3)

The New England Patriots have a rematch with the New York Jets before their Monday Night affair with the New Orleans Saints.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (6) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

After an 18-12 defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers remain at #6 which ended the Steelers five-game winning streak. The Steelers were 0/4 in red zone attempts, which proved to be the difference in their defeat to Cincinnati.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (7) Arizona Cardinals (6-3)

The defending NFC Champions are proving that their 2008 hot streak was no fluke. The Cardinals were able to pull away from the Seahawks in the fourth quarter for a 31-20 victory. They have won five of their last six games and look to win the NFC West for a second straight year.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (8) Dallas Cowboys (6-3)

Down 3-0 going into the fourth, the only upside for the Cowboys was that they avoided the shutout. The Dallas Cowboys can recover from their setback with home games against the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (9) San Diego Chargers (6-3)

After a 31-23 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in week 10, San Diego Chargers debut in the top ten at the nine spot. This marked the Chargers fourth consecutive victory and has tied them with the Denver Broncos for the AFC West lead. Despite defeating the Chargers in week 6, the Chargers recent success compared to the Bronco's losing streak has given them a higher ranking.

The San Diego Chargers will travel to Denver to face the Denver Broncos in week 11. The Broncos won the first match-up 34-23. This was the last time the Broncos have won. Kyle Orton appears to be questionable for this game.

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: (10) Baltimore Ravens (5-4)

The Baltimore Ravens reenter the top ten at No. 10 this week. On assumption, they defeat the Cleveland Browns on Monday night and will be modified if the Browns win. As the Ravens are 5-4, they recently defeated the Denver Broncos 30-7 and this gives them the advantage for the final power ranking spot for this week.


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