Falcons- Panthers "Thats More Like It"

Nikolai ClaryContributor INovember 16, 2009

The Atlanta Falcons Went to the Queen City to face one of the most "struggling but good" teams, The Carolina Panthers. The Falcons were 5-3 looking for their 6thwin while the Panthers were looking for their 4 Th win. The Panthers immediately started what they do best, Ran the Football. Once Again it was successful and Perfectionism as always. Jake and the team threw the ball also. Mush-in Muhammad was back in the lineup, which was good and helped them. The Panthers threw it to SmiTh early after Stewart took it in to make it 14-3 Panthers. Jake manged to throw cons intently. While Matt Ryan struggled early on. Jake threw it well the entire game. Steve SmiTh had 2 td's on the day. DeAngelo Williams and Johnathan Stewart were beastly as always as what they do best running and attacking and not stopping. The Panthers lead was 21-10 at half. But here come the Falcons. After losing Micheal Turner in 1st half to a (High Ankle Sprain), the Falcons marched down the field and scored a TD following by a TD late on a 4th down and 1 NEAR THE END ZONE. The Falcons went for 2 but did not get it. 21-19 Panthers. The Panthers had to give the ball back up to the Falcons who missed a FGand gave it to the Panthers. But the Panthers had to give it back with 5:55. Matt Ryan threw a INT on the next play. So the Panthers were facing 3&5 and Jake Handed it off to Stewart who wen 45 yd to the En zone to give the Panthers a 28-19 Victory in Charlotte. Jake and the Panthers did a Hell of Lot better. NO TURNOVERS! The Panthers look to be in Sync right now. They lossedJordan Gross to a Broken Ankle. So the Panthers are looking good and better and if they keep playing like this they are going to be Dangerous as they are now wiTh the Perfection Running attack DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart . Panthers play in Charlotte on Thursday night vs Miami who also has a strong Wildcat and running attack of their own. So Go Panthers Keep it up. This Game looked very Terrific how the Panthers "Shut Down"! the Falcons