The Sad State Of The Utah Jazz

Cody CaseyContributor IJune 23, 2016

Its disgusting, almost as disgusting as watching these over paid baby's, sulk and pout, with their poor me attitudes, as they mope up and down the court, almost appearing to turn the ball over so they can get the game finished quicker, Williams and Brewer are the only players that seem to want to win, and Brewer got rewarded by watching everyone but him get a new contract, 2 bright spots, Eric Maynor and Wes Mathews, 2 rookies who come in and play their ass off, will soon be infected and lost by their teammates contagious toxic poor me attitude, and one can only wonder if it's from Jerry's new passive and relaxed coaching style??? I try to be very careful in what I bitch about, because Ive never played a second in the NBA, but I do watch loads of it, and I don't have to be a pro basketball player to know, when Okur's to lazy to jump up and snag a pass Williams throws a little high, something needs to give, they have 2 young centers, Kyrylo Fesenko and Kosta Koufos.that could be developing their skills while the Jazz lose game after game, instead of 1 who occasionally decides to play with passion, AK-47 acts like he wants to play this season, but it's too early to tell if it's genuine! Milsap is driven, but facts are facts, he's much to small to be a factor at PF, and much to slow to be a SF, he's great until the Jazz play the teams that matter, watching Lamar Odom throw him around like a rag doll is all the proof you need, and Boozer, theirs a lot to be said about someones loyalty, but we should remember how we got him, it's kind of like the old saying "cant turn a ho into a housewife" if she was married when you met her, chances are good she's gonna leave you for the next guy! The Jazz have become complacent, and lazy, they need to take advantage of the unexpected talent of Wes Mathews, and start benching guys who play when they feel like playing(Okur-Boozer) that's a pretty expensive mistake they made, and they need to do it now before their 1 true gem, decides he wants to play with winners, and the Jazz lose D Williams!