Pacquiao Wins By TKO in The 12th

David O'BrienCorrespondent INovember 15, 2009

 Manny Paquiao secured a title in his seventh weight class, becoming the first boxer to ever do that.

This came six months after a delivering a KO against Ricky Hatton.

In the early rounds it looked like Paquaio did not have it in but about the 6th round was when he took over.

Paquiao won the welterweight title with a 12th-round TKO. The crowd was sold out at the Vegas MGM grand.

Paquiao made his country proud by making boxing history which may never be seen again.

Paquiao feels comfortable at about 145-146 in the Welterweight class. "This is the last weight division for me," Pacquiao said.

As I predicted in my last article Paquiao used his Lighting Speed and power to dominate Miguel Cotto. Cotto outlasted paquiaos punches for the early rounds but Paquiao was relentless.

Cotto was beat up badly by the 9th round, his face was swelling and it was covered in blood.

With 55 seconds in the 12th round referee Kenny Bayless called the fight.

Now many people are begining to focus on the future.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Paquiao would be a great showdown.

Manny's trainer Freddy Roach said "Sure, we'll fight Mayweather, if he wants to," Roach said.

Manny did not comment however saying "It's the promoter who makes the fights, My job is to fight in the ring."

Only time will tell if he will fight Mayweather in the near future, as for now this was a fight for the ages.