Ottawa Senators: The Shootout. A Lost Art?

Devin RodgerContributor IOctober 14, 2016

Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

Yet another shootout loss for the Senators last night when they faced off against the Rangers.

The Ottawa Senators were the first team post-lockout to take part in the new shootout format yet, they are the worst team in the NHL in shootouts.

Now I'm not going to write a huge article on how to fix it or what not. I want to here from the Sens fans themselves. What seems to be the problem?

The one input I have to give would be, a couple of years ago I heard that some NHL teams were actually hiring shootout coaches. Right now I see this as a good investment for the Sens. They should hire somebody or at least practice and see who's got what in their bag of tricks.

In most shootout losses I have seen the Sens in the last to shooters are Alfredsson and Spezza. I believe the stat I saw one day said Spezza was less than 10 percent in shootout opportunites since the new shootout format. So than why is he still the guy we depend on in that 3rd spot?

Anyway, Id like to know from the Sens faith full to see if you guys have any input on this subject.