Road Cycling Young Guns: Part One

Muhammad JafferContributor IJune 11, 2008

Young Guns 2008

Okay, so the season is reason the famous hype...the TdF, now that we are armed with a peak at now almost everyone; lets look to the future.

Andy Schleck

Where else could we start the Young Guns other than with Andy Schleck?

He is arguably set to become the greatest stage rider ever. The guy is sheer class. He, like his brother; can climb, but can also maintain a stage lead when it comes to a TT. He has the attributes to become a GT winner year in year out. Plus he has the resistance to keep attacking day in day out, he's consistent, a subtle but very effective fighter and can climb, climb and climb. Now you can't really go too wrong with that can you???

Last year, he proved himself by coming second in the Giro with no team, what might have happened if CSC had not underestimated him, we can only imagine.

Personally, he has to lead CSC's attack at either the TdF or the Vuelta; when you have a rider of that quality, he has to lead young, if he is in form it would be absolutely stupid to not make him lead, when he is clearly the best stage race rider on the CSC roster. 

If not, then if I were him; I would just do a Damiano Cunego, and ride away into the leader's jersey; lets just hope he does not rest on his laurels for the next few years like a certain Little Prince. Either they make him lead, or he does it himself like Giro '07.

I don't really know how to sum him up; I guess F***ing Awesome does it. He has to win something this year, if he doesn't it will be a miracle.

He is the next Lance Armstrong, but better.