MLB Position Rankings: Shortstop

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MLB Position Rankings: Shortstop


1. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins: He leads all shortstops in home runs (15), slugging (.538), and runs (54). He comes in second in stolen bases (16) and on-base percentage (.394) and third in RBI (32). He's also batting .304.

2. Michael Young, Rangers: He's second among shortstops in hits (81) and runs (50) and third in batting average (.308). He's slugging .450 with 32 RBI.

3. Ryan Theriot, Cubs: He leads all shortstops in batting average (.321) and on-base percentage (.400). He's third in stolen bases with 12 and slugs .380.

4. Miguel Tejada, Astros: He's first among shortstops in RBI (39) and third in runs (47) and hits (76). He's slugging .460 and batting .297.

5. Jose Reyes, Mets: He leads all shortstops in stolen bases (23) and is third in slugging (.485). He's batting .290 with 29 RBI and eight home runs.


6. Cristian Guzman, Nationals: He leads all shortstops in hits (87) and is third in batting average (.309), while slugging .450 with 21 RBI.

7. Jimmy Rollins, Phillies: He's slugging .460 and batting .280 with 11 stolen bases.

8. Stephen Drew, Diamondbacks: He's second in slugging (.487) and third in home runs (9) while batting .270 with 25 RBI.

9. Yunel Escobar, Braves: He's third in on-base percentage (.372), slugging over .410 with 28 RBI, and is batting .300.

10. Yuniesky Betancourt, Mariners: He's slugging over .410 with 22 RBI and batting .285.

11. Derek Jeter, Yankees: He's batting .270 with 27 RBI.

12. Bobby Crosby, A's: He's second in RBI (33) and has five stolen bases.

13. Edgar Renteria, Tigers: He has 30 RBI and five homeruns, but batting .262.

14. Orlando Cabrera, White Sox: He's batting .262 with 22 RBI.

15. Macier Izturis, Angels: He's batting .260 with 23 RBI, but lacks at-bats.

16. J.J. Hardy, Brewers: He's batting .250 with 18 RBI.

17. Jhonny Peralta, Indians: He's third in home runs (11) and slugging over .450 but is only batting .225. He should move up soon with his 22 RBI.

18. David Eckstein, Blue Jays: He's batting .282 with 17 RBI.

19. Khalil Greene, Padres: He's batting .220 with 25 RBI and six home runs.

20. Julio Lugo, Red Sox: He's batting .270 with 13 RBI.

21. Jason Bartlett, Rays: He's batting .236 with 13 RBI and 12 stolen bases.

22. Cesar Izturis, Cardinals: He's batting .246 with 12 RBI and six stolen bases.

23. Brendan Harris, Twins: He's batting .240 with 16 RBI.

24. Omar Quintanilla, Rockies: He's batting .243 with eight RBI. He's low because he's a replacement (for injured Tulowitzki and Barmes).

25. Omar Vizquel, Giants: He's batting .207 with seven RBI, but he only gets limited playing time now (less than 90 at-bats).


26. Jack Wilson, Pirates: He has 19 hits in 64 at-bats, and at .297 he should move up quickly.

27. Paul Janish, Reds: He has nine hits in 38 at-bats, but should move up quickly with a .573 slugging percentage.

28. Freddie Bynum, Orioles: He has 18 hits in 81 at-bats. He was just called up.

29. Angel Berroa, Dodgers: Has only played two games. He should move up quickly and solve the Dodgers' shortstop problem.

30. Tony Pena Jr., Royals: he's batting .155 with seven RBI and will probably see reduced playing time.

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