New York Islanders: NHL Season In Review

Alan BassSenior Writer IJune 11, 2008

Here is the season review for the New York Islanders for the 2007-2008 NHL season.

2007-2008 Record: 35-38-9, 79 points, fifth in Atlantic, 13th in East.

Head Coach: Ted Nolan

General Manager: Garth Snow

Top Three Players: Rick Dipietro, Rick Dipietro, Rick Dipietro.

Team MVP: None.  No one played well enough to deserve this.  Dipietro played okay, but having the acronym “MVP” next to his name just doesn’t work for me.

Rookie of the Year: Kyle Okposo, F.  Sure, he only played nine games this year, but I loved what I saw from him.  He had five points in those nine games, and was very fast.  He also seemed to enjoy himself on the ice at the world’s highest level.

Bust: New York Islanders.  I know they were not going to be good, but I at least expected them to challenge for a playoff spot.  They did not even do that, though.  Maybe they’ll get a good draft pick.

Surprise: None.

Playoffs: Playoffs?  What’s that?

Season Analysis: Garth Snow really has some work to do.  His team is losing, Ted Nolan is failing, and the team is growing apart.  He has some serious revamping to do this summer if he wishes to make the playoffs again.  Otherwise, he can kiss his job goodbye.