Survivor Series: Why The WWE Should Build It Up More

david kimContributor INovember 14, 2009

Survivor Series has always been one of my favorite Pay-per-views of the year. In fact, it has even topped Wrestlemania at times. (this may be a stretch). Why? Because the buildups to Survivor Series are utterly amazing.

Who could forget 2001 Survivor Series where the alliance took on the WWF, or the 2003 Survivor Series in which Team Bishoff faced Team Austin, where the winner took control as general manager of RAW. Even the 2004 Card of Evolution vs. Randy's Anti-evolution and the 2005 Card of Smackdown vs Raw (but this time, much better than the bragging rights match) cannot be forgotten.

To me, Survivor Series is nothing without it's buildup. What made these matches so great and memorable was the fact that these promos and shows leading up to survivor series told a story. And honestly, you must be crazy if you didn't get excited when Austin's music hit and announced the members of his team, or when Randy and his anti-evolution faced off against Evolution.

But most importantly, the betrayals and tensions within the teams such as when Kurt Angle betrayed the WWF to join the Alliance in 2001, or when the tension for the World Heavyweight championship in Triple H's team in 2004, really made the buildup to Survivor Series so great.

Now, we have a very disappointing buildup to most of the pay-per-views, but for Survivor Series, it is absolutely disgraceful. No qualifying matches? No team captains "handpicking" the teams? All we are left with is the commentators announcing the card for survivor series, instead of allowing the superstars tell the story, making the buildups to pay per views just boring and unbearable.

I mean seriously, in one episode of RAW, both traditional survivor series' main events were announced. Seriously? At least allow the audience to contemplate on who the final three members of the team would be.

Message to the creative team: GIVE MORE MIC TIME TO THE SUPERSTARS.