What's with the Fenway Lovefest?

Dave DavisContributor IAugust 4, 2006

Now I'm not one to come down hard on all the basball loving aficianados here on ye olde Bleacher Report, but methinks this whole Fenway lovefest that's brewing is a wee bit overwrought.


Sure the place has a lot of history and exudes baseball in its most classic sense, but it's not like its baseball utopia.  Frankly, I spent one horribly hot and humid New England afternoon sitting in the right field bleachers at Fenway watching a mind-numbingly boring contest between the White Sox and Red Sox back in 1997 when both teams sucked hind tit.  So that's my Fenway experience. 


Biased as I may be by that terrible first impression, I still think I'm in the right in saying that Fenway magic isn't a given - its something special for sure, no doubt helped by the recent success of the Red Sox.  But it's not change-your-life amazing.  It's just another ballpark.  With small, uncomfortable seats.  And vision-impairing obstacles (no, I'm not talking about David Ortiz).  And ridiculously overpriced tickets.


Personally, I'll take Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T/Mays Park anyday of the week, although probably not this week or any other week for the rest of the season until the Giants get their shit together.  Dodger Stadium is another overrated "gem".  Anything remotely good about that place is cancelled out and then some by the horrible crowds.  Never been to Wrigley, but I get the impression that it actually does live up to its reputation. 


Yankee Stadium is another one that lives up to the hype - love or hate the Yankees, it just hits you with that aura as soon as you step inside the building.  My first time there was bat day - free full size wooden baseball bats to the first 20,000 paying fans.  During the 7th inning stretch they had everyone in the stadium hold up their bat in the air, quite a sight to behold.  Lets just say I didn't worry too much exiting the stadium into the seedy Bronx surroundings with my new Louisville Slugger in hand.


Anyway, what stories does everyone else have about great ballparks NOT called Fenway?