Playoffs for the Yankees.

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IJune 11, 2008

With the Yankees sitting fourth in the AL East with a 33-32 record, the question arises. Will the Yankees make the post-season?

Not without pitching.

I'm beginning to wonder if A-Rod, or perhaps even Jeter, should've pulled a Tom Brady and reduced the size of their contracts so their team could bring in more talent, specifically at pitching. With the young pups not panning out, so far at least, a pitcher looks the hottest commodity for next season already.

I agree that making Joba Chamberlin a starter was the right move, but the Yankees need more than just a hot prospect, they need an actual pitcher that can grind out at least seven innings each outing. I don't think Pettite or Mussina can handle that load.

If the Yankees want to make the playoffs this year, they're going to have to find solid pitching and hot bats.