Ashley Force Leads the List of Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes

Lucas DavisCorrespondent IJune 11, 2008

10: Sue Bird (Basketball)

Guys love Sue Bird because they're all convinced that she would hook up with them. She's pretty, but she isn't intimidating. Bird’s the girl next door all sweaty from hoops practice pretty. And that works.

9: Ana Paula Mancino (Volleyball)

Female Brazilian athletes are just a different breed altogether. They don't screw around in Brazil. If you're a woman and you want to play sports, you better be hot. It's just the way life works down there.

8: Erica Blasberg (Golf)

Blasberg is going to give Natalie Gulbis a run for her money very soon. Blasberg is a professional golfer, but she's nowhere near Gulbis' level, which means one thing- the outfits, are going to get skimpier and the photo shoots are going to get a little more raunchy. That's how it works in women's sports- the winners’ win and the losers pose naked.

7: Niki Gudex (Cycling)

Niki Gudex is a BMXer or a mountain biker or a unicyclist. Who the hell knew she rides bikes and wears bikinis?

6: Amanda Beard (Swimming)

I thought that Beard was retired, but according to the USA Swimming website, she plans to make a bid for Beijing. This means more of Beard in bikinis. 

5: Daniela Hantuchova (Tennis)

She's like Maria Sharapova's hotter older sister. Hantuchova holds her own off the tennis court. She's legit, with or without a racket in her hand. 

4: Missy Gibson (Surfing)

I couldn't tell you anything about Missy Gibson. She is apparently a surfer and has two outstanding photos floating around the Internets. That's all I know—check her out.

3: Jennie Finch (Softball)

Finch could kick your ass. She's not small. If you're a guy that likes girls that can hold their own in UFC and strike you out, then Finch is for you.


2: Tanith Belbin (Figure Skating)

Belbin is the gold standard of figure skaters today. When it comes to looks, not skating, she skates pairs, which is like the Triple A of figure skating. 

1: Ashley Force (Motorsports)

I guess driving a funny car counts as a sport. It seems like all you do is push your foot down and pray that you don't die, but who am I to say that pushing your foot down doesn't take some athletic ability.


·         VENUS WILLAMS (Tennis)

·         SERENA WILLIAMS (Tennis)