Gamecocks Are Ready: Florida Looking To Make Sure They Aren't

Sebastian PetersContributor INovember 13, 2009

Everyone is gettin hyped up about this game, its time that Garcia has a complete game, Tori Gurley Runs good routes, Miles and Giles move the ball up the field, and Eric Norwood to have an oppertunity of a life time. Eric Norwood is going up agianst a right gaurd that couldnt stop Arkansas LB (which lead to just about 5 sacks, but not by the same LB), Which Eric Norwood is better then any other LB the Game has Seen in a While. If you dont believe me, look at the kids Stats. So Norwood, This is his Oppertunity. Spurrier needs to figure out how he will get Alshon Jeffrey the ball, Stephon Gilmore to bump his Freshman of the year up to #1 and Alshon up to #2. Tim Tebow is an amazing QB, He can move around with the ball and pull off passes that make opposing teams look like fools. When he has the ball he can make good passes and can make ground with his running game. Eric Norwood will have to find a way to be able to stop him from establishing that run game that he is so good at.

Stephon, Shaq, CC, Augeuste, Maybe Culiver, and Norwood will have to make something happen on Deffense, and Try to get the ball on Carolina's side as much as possible, Because once Florida gets the Offensive game established (unless a miracle), It'll be nearly impossible to pull of the Upset,

Its a winnable ball game. Gamecocks are undefeated at Home so see what happens

final score: SC pulls off the upset 17 to 13