Husker Nation in Chaos...

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Husker Nation in Chaos...
IconIt appears the dam has finally burst on Nebraska and it's football program. As anyone who follows college football should know - Nebraska fired its athletic director today. I have wrote multiple times on the fall of one of the great programs in NCAA history. I've chided Callahan on several occasions, and even once went as far as to suggest he was not the only one at fault - that the true problem was the one who decided to fire Solich. That man, Steve Pederson, is now unemployed. Husker fans, take this moment to celebrate, or lightly weep, if you so choose. Crazy thing is, I think the fall-out from this debacle of a season for the Huskers has just begun.

Did Pederson deserve to be fired? Of course he did. Why?! As I said and have quoted before, a then semi-new-on-the-job Pederson claimed his reasoning for firing Solich was, and I directly quote... "I refuse to let this program gravitate to a level of mediocrity". Funny considering, Solich went 58 - 19 in a then tougher Big 12, directed the Huskers to a 12-1 season and 1999-2000 Fiesta Bowl bid, and a 2001-2002 national championship Rose Bowl bid. So what they got routed by Miami for the title - that Miami team was/ is considered one of the greatest of all times. Does that sound mediocre to you? Knowing he had the tall task of also following in The Great Obsorne's mighty large tracks, IMMEDIATELY after his dynastic run to the end? In fact, his 12-1 1999 team was so good, they nearly overtook undefeated Virginia Tech for a shot at Florida State for the national title that season. I wonder what on God's green Earth does Pederson call Callahan's mundane results? Surely isn't dynastic of any sorts...

Sad thing is, I am of the firm opinion the chancellor probably did this to keep a little of the Husker heat off himself. Truth be told - I imagine the disdain towards Pederson began to trickle onto Harvey Perlman (Nebraska's current chancellor) when it became clear Pederson was sticking with his Callahan disaster of a decision (anyone see Callahan's fat extension before the year, good lord...). Not to mention, it is rumored Perlman pushed for Solich's removal behind the scenes. I am no fan of heresy; but, Pederson was either feeling quite ballsy in his new post, or he had substantial pressure from higher powers calling for Solich's oust. The same Solich who assisted Obsorne for 19 years and was hand selected by The Great O himself for the post. As for the heat Perlman surely began to take, you would be surprised the clout football programs can carry at powerhouse universities, and I think this is a clear representation of that fact. Think about it - would you want to anger the football fan base of Ohio States, Alabamas, and Notre Dames of the world? Moreover, be constantly riddled, pestered, called, written, and threatened? Most (with any kind of common sense) wouldn't.

This also leaves me to wonder whether the next man in charge (or the interim him/herself) will clean shop - Callahan, Cosgrove, the whole staff. In addition - whoIcon would be a front-runner for the job? This is shaping up to be a musical-chair type situation in the coaching areas, which several names who could/ and will end up unemployed after this chaotic year. Lloyd Carr is a 4th-loss-in-a-row to Ohio State from being unemployed. Fulmer? His seat has cooled after wins over Georgia/ Mississippi State, but let the Vols lose big again and see how long that honeymoon lasts. Miles? His name has prematurely been in the mix for Carr's assumed vacancy after the year, but could Nebraska lure him away if he is unable to take LSU to the 07 title game? Only a week after being showered praise for his Florida genius, the message boards and websites were on fire again after his 3OT loss to Kentucky. This business has to take a serious toll on people's personal lives and health...

The thing for Nebraska is, it could be competing with the likes of several other "significant" programs for a big name, if that is indeed what they want. If Tennessee, Michigan, UCLA, and obviously Texas A&M seek to go other ways in the off-season, that is a serious list to compete against, and you better believe any of those programs can produce Saban-like figures for the man they want. Moreso, what if Miles bolts for say Michigan? That leaves (in my opinion) an even bigger program void. Sadly, I haven't even mentioned the mid-tier BCS programs who may want to revamp their staff. UVA, Pitt, Baylor, the once-mighty Washington State, Ole Miss... just to name a few. And just what if, ole Jim at Stanford was right. The fact him signifying that Carroll was in his last year at USC obviously flustered Carroll so, who knows right?

I know those are a lot of what ifs, but what if? The way this season has progressed, why shouldn't the off-season be just as crazy; I'm starting to feel pretty strongly that it will be. Point being - Nebraska should avoid all the big name and big splash hoop-laa, and just find the right fit. They've obviously made it clear they will be starting this search early, so - take your time, do the research, pony up if you have to - just make sure you get the right guy for the job. The last thing Husker Nation wants is to turn it's coaching position into a musical chair seat, just ask Alabama how hard that hurts your program - and what the price is to ultimately return it to glory...
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