Aaron Rodgers Is New QB in Green Bay—Packers Replacing Legend Brett Favre

Steve BlessingerContributor IJune 11, 2008


What a season for the Green Bay Packers last season. Brett Favre led the Packers to the NFC Championship game, and led them to overtime against the eventual Superbowl champion New York Giants.

Brett Farve's last ball thrown as an NFL QB came in overtime and was an interception that sealed it. The Giants kicked a FG to win the game, and the chance to face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Now we are only a few months away from the 2008 season and a new dawn has approached the Green Bay Packers. No longer will number four take the field for the Packers since he is now retired. An unproven new starter in Aaron Rodgers will take that spot.

Rodgers has huge shoes to fill. He can't replace Favre, he can only lead the team the way he knows how. This is Arron's team now. Although Rodgers does have an advantage with this team that most teams replacing a starter do not: The Green Bay Packers are a very good football team. They came so close to a super bowl.

In my opinion this team must be balanced. Run and pass. So many times in the past Brett Favre has taken over games with his knack of throwing the football. Sometimes that was good, but other times it led to costly interceptions.

The only game action Rodgers had was when Brett Favre was hurt during a play right before halftime and sat out the remainder of the game in Dallas last year. Rodgers nearly won the game but eventually lost. That was good experience for him...a game he can build on.

It should be an interesting season for the Green Bay Packers. They should compete for the NFC central this year. A lot of the teams in the Central division have improved, such as the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings.


 This team has not changed much. In the off-season Head Coach Mike McCarthy got rewarded for his outstanding job by agreeing to an 5 year extention. As well as GM Ted Thompson was given a 5 year extention.

Ted Thompson philosphy when it pertains to obtaining players is through the NFL Draft instead of Free Agency. He has done fairly well going through that route. This last draft class 2007 has been very solid so far. Obtaining Brandon Jackson, a 2nd round pick, Greg Jennings a 3rd round pick just to name a few. Free agent Ryan Grant was a great pick up for the Pack last year. It seems to me that the Packers are one of the youngest teams year in and year out.