NCAA Softball: Not All About The Hotness, At Least That's What My Brain Tells Me

Ryne E. HancockCorrespondent IJune 11, 2008

As PA announcer for softball at my college, I've been privileged to know many of the players and some, for the most part, have become good friends of mine.

But while my school as well as yours probably have many hot chicks that play softball, the hotness isn't what suddenly drew me to the game.

It was some of the core values of sportsmanship that led me to appreciate softball players.

During a month-long span in which I tried to talk to a certain girl at my school, I figured the best way to get advice on the what and the how of doing it was to get it from the softball team.

"Just act like she's one of us," one of them said after a game, "She's just a girl like we are."

In the end, while on the final day of the spring semester I finally went on and said something as well as get her number, it's safe to say that the advice that I received from them in the process of getting her number went a long way.

Before I returned home for the summer, I mentioned to one of my former neighbors that while I only announced the softball lineups and played music, I felt like I was part of something special.

"Well," she said, "You are!!!"

Enough said.