Clemson Tigers Gear Up To Face The Wolfpack

Jacqueline KirbyContributor IIINovember 12, 2009

Tomorrow, the Tigers will hit the road up to Raleigh to play the Wolfpack. This should be an interesting matchup. Although N.C. State is 1-4 against ACC opponents so far this season, you  never know what can happen.

Clemson is predicted to win the game 35-31 thanks to C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford on offense. 

It will be an interesting matchup against the quarterbacks in this game. This is the first time Kyle Parker and Russell Wilson will face each other on the football field, but the two have played against each other for two years on the baseball field. 

Kyle Parker is a starting outfielder for the Tigers and Russell Wilson is the starting second baseman for the Wolfpack. We will see if their baseball rivalry transfers to the football field. 

Clemson is still the front-runner for the ACC title, but the Tigers have to remember to keep their heads in the game.

"Even though we have a better record the team still needs to bring their A-game. We can't get cocky and slack off because that is when we start to lose games. I think with C.J. in the position he is with the Heisman Trophy the team will bring it on in Raleigh and provide a great ball game, and hopefully a win," says Freshman, Tyler Miller.

I think anything is possible with this Tiger team. 

Both the offense and defense have come a long way since the first game of the season. They show great potential for the ACC title, a Heisman winner, and a bowl game.

Good luck boys!