Who Wants the Answer?

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Who Wants the Answer?
Allen Iverson is obviously having problems in Memphis and now talks are he might be looking for a new squad. As a contributor on Bleacher Report I always take a look at their NBA section. I came across an article titled "Perfect Situation: Allen Iverson Is "The Answer" for the Cleveland Cavaliers." The article explains how Iverson has had a terrific career and has several awards. Are we talking about the past or the present? Do you honestly believe that Allen Iverson would fit well with the Cleveland Cavaliers? I don't care what you say about Iverson, he is a ball hog. There's a reason he's throwing a fit in Memphis for coming off the bench. There's a reason nobody mentions his passing ability and that he's a shoot first, pass second point-guard. Now your going to throw him on a team with another all-star point guard, the potential best small forward to ever play the game, and an aging center who wants the ball? He had all the tools he needed in Detroit to win and he turned his back on the entire organization. If Allen Iverson isn't getting at least 30 minutes a game and getting a touch every possession, Iverson won't be happy.

Let him retire, or play in Europe where he'll get big money and get all the touches he wants. I'm tired of hearing about players like this. There's a reason he's coming off the bench, there always is. The answer is starting to look more like the problem.

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