Morning Ramble - 11/12

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent INovember 12, 2009

ESPN Rumors wondered aloud if Milwaukee would be interested in a Granderson-Edwin Jackson for prospects deal. My answer…no they wouldn’t…but the fantasy baseball dork in me would do it. Imagine an OF of Granderson, Braun, and Gomez (I’m guessing they’d have to trade Corey Hart, but again…no way in hell this is happening)

Speaking of deals that won’t happen, the Reds are apparently acting like they’re willing to part with Aaron Harang and Brandon Phillips. I would love Phillips on the team, but it won’t happen.

Johnny Lucroy is the early favorite to be the starter at catcher. I wouldn’t have the biggest problem with Lucroy and Rivera, but it would be a major concern to have two inexperienced backstops. Jared brought up a name that sounds a little better…Greg Zaun. I also like Yorvit Torrealba, but I have a hunch he wants more money than the Brewers are willing to pay.

I’m not the biggest fan of twitter, but this is my favorite twitter post: No one has heard from Ben Sheets or his agent, according to Brewers GM Doug Melvin. That’s right…Big Ben is MIA, hiding somewhere in the southern part of the United States probably still hurt.

Do these names on the Brewers pitching hot stove excite you? Doug Davis and Randy Wolf! Yeah…excites me about as much as another Saw movie. Well, Melvin has contacted both agents according to reports, so who knows…

Finally, in that’s hilarious news, the Pirates thought they’d make a pitch for JJ, and why not, but apparently offered the Brewers Fielder’s enemy MATT FREAKIN CAPPS. You may enjoy the rest of your day now.