What Is The WWE Thinking?

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What Is The WWE Thinking?
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Randy Orton The Legend Killer is being Misused since Bragging Rights


As we recall after Bragging Rights 2009..John Cena Beat Orton For the Title..(However I know and saw that it was given away)


The Next Night on Raw... Out of nowhere Kofi Kingston thinks he is man enough to step up to Orton, destroying his car and acting like a big Gangster.  which Everyone can Clearly see the WWE is trying to make Kofi Kingston a Big Superstar.....But why make him Bigger that Orton? Hell he is even getting more Fame than the Champ. John Cena.....

And Orton is Being punked By Kofi...ever since..Tell me is this the Orton that we know? The Orton that I know would have Brutally Beaten and prob. Kicked Kofi in his Head already.....

He is Being Slapped by treated like a nobody. If they continue they would make him to be like Chavo...a big Mockery.....

The WWE is making a big Mistake if they let Kofi take over and continue to Punk Orton....



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