Falcons-Panthers" What To Expect On Sunday"

Nikolai ClaryContributor INovember 11, 2009

The Carolina Panthers are at home with their "backs against the wall with the Atlanta Falcons coming into Charlotte. Carolina is coming off a big, hard fought battle in New Orleans with New Orleans beating the Panthers 30-20. The Panthers have alot of key injury's that have hurt them. Especially in New Orleans, Carolina Lost one of their best LB Thomas Davis. Carolina is 3-5 , Atlanta stands high at 5-3 looking for a series sweep. Carolina running game is "perfection ' all the Panthers have to do is control and protect the ball. The Panthers Passing game however, needs to be big against this Alanta's Defense. Jake needs to throw the ball well and smart to over power this team. Carolina needs a win "badly' at this point. Atlanta is powered by their strong running attack and Passing leading the Way is Matt Ryan. So with all the inury's Carolina's Defense needs to big big to win. All the Panther will have to do is play strong on Defense and play smart on offense. Carolina's Running game just needs to be big and HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL, it has hurt the Panthers this season big =Turnovers. So Carolina will need to be strong and Careful or else "their heading down the drain", which isn't good. So Carolina Play strong and Win to stay reasonable with NFL and the standings, Playoffs hopes. Carolina will need to win at home with the help of the Fans who are really looking for a win in Charlotte so this is going to be a critical game again and the Panthers will need to adapt to these injuries to win so go Panthers.