A Shout-Out to the True Heroes on Veterans Day

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A Shout-Out to the True Heroes on Veterans Day
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As fans, it is easy for us to lose complete perspective of all things when it comes to our favorite sport and team.

We complain about the coaches, players, owners, or whatever seems to be the problem with our favorite pastime.

In this routine, we often forget those boys, girls, men, and women we worship on weekends as heroes are really just athletes and pale in comparison to the true heroes who serve all of our interests every day.

The men and women of the Armed Services including Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard perform everyday with much more at stake than trophies and championship banners.

These true heroes allow us to be able to complain about the insignificant things.

Yet often, we take them for granted. It is apparent at any sporting event anytime you see someone not take off their hat, stand, or even stop talking during the National Anthem.

Something so insignificant to them should be honored as a commemoration to those who have and are sacrificing everything for our rights to spend ridiculous amounts of money to watch these events.

We all owe them at least that, but still much more. So on this Veterans Day and beyond, let us all remember what they have done for us all, regardless of our allegiances.

So from all of us crazed fans to all of those brave warriors, thank you!


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