What Is With Dana White?

Adam LawmanContributor INovember 10, 2009

LONDON - JANUARY 17:  (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) UFC president Dana White attends the 'Octagon' private view at Hamilton's Gallery January 17, 2007 in London, England.  The exhibition showcases work by photographer Kevin Lynch documenting the world of Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) events.  (Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images)
Claire Greenway/Getty Images

What is with Dana White?

At first, I liked Dana's style. The whole fast-talking, makes things happen personality. I thought he was a cool dude and that he was helping the MMA world.

There was error in my initial judgement. Now, he just reminds me of Vince McMahon too much.

I feel that soon he will become a greater distraction for the UFC and cause them to lose profitability and they will need to make an executive decision to re-create and re-brand the promotion.

With Saturday's Strikeforce show on CBS getting such a positive response and many people now experiencing Fedor, the UFC really does have some legitimate competition. It's nothing too threatening just yet, but it give it time and Strikeforce will only get better. 

As the sport keeps increasing in size and it becomes more and more "mainstream" everything about it will grow as well. Also becoming larger will be the money coming in and what is paid to the fighters. MMA has always been about the sport itself rather than the athletes. Probably due to the hysteria caused by early UFC events and Sen. John McCain's infamous "words of wisdom." Yet these days, GSP has Gatorade and Under Armour deals and other fighters are buzzing around in Hollywood. It is only natural their fight salaries will grow and once that happens, a lot of them might not continue to be walked upon by Dana.

Pure and simple, the fighters will go to a first-class promotion where scandals don't run rampant and where fighters are treated well. 

This is just a warning of things to come. Yet this could all be fixed so easily. With Dana putting a sock in it.