College FB Championship Chase: Week 7 Stock Report

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College FB Championship Chase: Week 7 Stock Report
IconSome things we learned from Week 7:
If WVU had beaten South Florida, the Mountaineers would be No. 1 this week—yes, NUMBER FREAKIN’ ONE!
I’m not going to get over this one, I can tell.
More prosaically:
Kentucky managed to beat LSU but couldn’t beat South Carolina? Okay, we learned nothing from that.
LSU isn't unbeatable. South Florida can put up style points. Oklahoma has no more obstacles to run the table; we don’t know that yet about Ohio State.
We’ll know all we need to know about South Florida after their Thursday night game at Rutgers. And Louisville actually can cowboy-up and show some pride.
On to the Big Board (as per the piping-hot BCS rankings)
1. Ohio State: UP

Wow—who'da thunk this?

Must still travel to Penn State and Michigan, but has manageable road en route to an undefeated season.

2. South Florida: UP SHARPLY

Okay, maybe you'da thunk Ohio State...but not THIS.

The Bulls are the 1984 Brigham Young of this season. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the absence of dominant teams has allowed South Florida to vault this high on the strength of only two good wins.

3. Boston College: UP

Must face Virginia Tech. Then we’ll know.

One loss won’t kill you in the SEC. I still think they’re the best team in the country.
5. Oklahoma: UNCHANGED

No obstacles left to running the table after beating Mizzou.
6. South Carolina: UP

Must still face Tennessee and Florida, and possibly an SEC title game opponent.
7. Kentucky: UP

Okay, I’m a believer—but the Wildcats have the toughest road ahead with Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.
8. Arizona State: UP SHARPLY

Okay, I take that "toughest road" bit back. Must face Cal, Oregon, and USC.


Stays put during an off-week. Two paths to a BCS bowl for the Mountaineers: South Florida loses two Big East games (unlikely), or WVU wins out, finishes 11-1, gets BCS at-large (possible).

Any way to the title game? Yes—but it would have to be against Oklahoma, because they’re the only team unlikely to lose again.
10. Oregon: UP SLIGHTLY

Too much work to do.
Delisted from the Big Board
No. 12 Cal: The hold on No. 2 was precipitous because it wasn't battle-tested.
No. 16 Missouri: If they’d beaten Oklahoma, it would have been like South Florida beating WVU.
No. 24 Cincinnati: Dream season over, excellent season still possible.

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