Sammy Sosa's New White Look!

Greg RiotAnalyst INovember 10, 2009

While most sports players like to adopt a different life style or put on a few pounds when they retire, Sammy Sosa has taken it a step further; the former Chicago Cubs slugger made quite a sensation at last week's Latin Grammy Awards with his skin looking amazingly pale!

It is not clear whether or not Michael Jackson had any influence on this new trend, but the effect was certainly striking. Not surprisingly, the former US Baseball player denied that he had undergone any type of skin lightening process and blamed his white appearance on bright lights. Apparently Sosa has had a skin rejuvenation treatment, a common beauty procedure women use a lot. According to friends, the pictures taken at the Grammy Awards were deceiving, the bright lights giving his skin a very pale shade.

The 41 year old retired player swears that whoever would see him in the flesh would hardly notice a difference, while the pictures make him almost  look like a different person.

Sosa was caught in various scandals, including the famous corked bat issue back in 2003. Sosa denied any blame and claimed it had been a mistakes and that he had played with the bat he normally used for practice. The big question that followed was whether he had been cheating all along, and for how long!

Earlier this year the truth about his doping finally came out in the open; after years of denial, the truth came out and Sosa was on the list with 104 other pro sports players who had used performance enhancers.  That was to be one of one of the biggest scandal in the world of sports.