Maurice ''Mad Dog'' Vachon at the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame

Francois GendronSenior Writer INovember 10, 2009

The legendary wrestler Maurice Vachon nicknamed ''Mad Dog'', today at 80 years old, is now a part of Quebec's Sport Hall of Fame.

Born in Ville-Emard, Quebec, on Sep. 1 1929, Maurice Vachon had a very successful amateur wrestling career. At the 1948 London Olympic Games, Vachon finished in seventh place. Two years later, he won a gold medal at the 1950 British Empire Games, now known as the Commonwealth Games.

Vachon had an impressive stature. A strong, massive man with a mad look in the eyes. He was able to defend himself as he had to shrug off a couple of drunk spectators at times. One of those encounters earned him his nickname, when Don Owen, a wrestling promoter, yelled at him: ''You're just a mad dog!''.

A brilliant professional career followed for Maurice ''Mad Dog'' Vachon, who's fame had no boundaries. An approximate 13,000 live events all over the world. I personally remember him as I was a kid when I used to watch wrestling on TV. His WWF days where great, as he made a fantastic heel. A bad guy that everyone loved.

Vachon retired in 1985. One year later, an accident forced the doctors to cut Maurice's right leg under the knee. This event did not undermine his morale as he continued to appear on various TV shows.

The enormous charisma of this generous and tender man is now recognized. This is a well deserved honor. Vachon will always have a warm place in our hearts.

Congratulations Maurice for your fantastic journey and thanks for the memories.