The Best Moustaches in Baseball, Part Two

Ian HunterCorrespondent INovember 10, 2009

DUNEDIN,FL - FEBRUARY 23:  Sal Fasano #53 poses for a portrait during the Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day on February 23, 2007 at The Bobby Mattick Training Center in Dunedin, Florida. (Photo by: Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Many heroic male figures throughout history have used their facial hair to persuade, inspire, and seduce legions of followers and admirers. Since the dawn of time, mankind has used many forms of facial hair to not only express themselves, but provide a sense of identity.

One of the greatest forms of said facial hair is the moustache; and no group of warriors have displayed the characteristics of a fine 'stache better than the men (and occasionally hormonally imbalanced women) of professional baseball.

In honor of Movember in which men across the world unite in growing moustaches to raise money for Prostate Cancer, I have decided to delve into the art of facial hair for part two of The Best Moustaches in Baseball .

This year’s version covers some ‘staches that may have been omitted from last year’s list or have just recently left their stamp as some of the best cookie-dusters in baseball.

Keith Hernandez

Before I knew Keith Hernandez the baseball player, I knew him as the guy who was allegedly spit on by Kramer and Newman. His two-episode stint on Seinfeld not only solidified himself as one of the coolest moustache-clad men in the majors who may or may have not banged Elaine Benes.

Sal Fasano

During his illustrious career, Sal played for 10 different teams and along the way, he made a lasting impression on almost every city that he played in. As Blue Jays fans, we had the pleasure of watching Fasano work his magic in a Blue Jays uniform during the 2007 season.

Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky

Not only was Hrabosky’s facial hair mean looking, just take a look at his name. It’s basically the baseball version of Vlad the Impaler or Atilla the Hun. Hrabosky followed in the footsteps of legendary closers like Rich Gossage and Rollie Fingers as having a badass ‘stache.

Ross Grimsley

Grimsley is the whole package—sporting a moustache and an afro that would make even the Ladies Man, Leon Phelps, jealous, Grimsely wasn’t just a looker. In 1978, his 20-11 record garnered him a seventh-place finish in the AL Cy Young voting.

Jeff Kent

I’ve always said that Jeff Kent could moonlight as a police officer if he ever felt the need to take up a second job. Now that he’s retired, you just might see Jeff Kent responding to a domestic dispute, or making a cameo appearance in a Super Troopers sequel near you.


Reggie Jackson

Not necessarily most revered for his prowess in the facial hair department, Mr. October still contributed towards the moustache culture with his classic but cool addition to the list. Did his stache help him hit three home runs in one game? No—but he looked damn good doing it.

So there we have it, folks—part two of the best moustaches in baseball. Feel free to cast your vote on your favourite soup strainer below. The wondrous thing about the world of moustaches is that just like the hairs themselves, the history of moustaches in baseball only continues to grow as the years pass.