Did CBC drop the puck, or rather, fail to drop the puck?

Robert ReidContributor IJune 10, 2008

Well what to say.  40 years of tradition gone?  Not really just in another market.  Does one song completely define a tradition.  Not in my opinion.  I think that personally people will still watch hockey on Saturday night.  Sure I'll be disappointed that when Saturday night rolls around I won't hear that famed, DA DA DA DA DA DAAA. 

Hell honestly though, I won't tune out, I'll still watch the game, it's what 30 seconds, a minute?  I downloaded the ring tune so anytime there's a game on I'll call my cell phone, things change. 

Although it's probably not for the right reasons, perhaps CBC can use this to their advantage and follow this lead with innovative changes instead of completely losing out.  Sure TSN stole their song.  Write a better one, it's 40 years old. 

At first I was outraged, angry, completely shocked, but the more I discussed it, the more I listened the more I realized that I won't miss anything, that one minute before a game will still resonate for me.  Maybe on another channel on a different night, or at the Olympics or at the world juniors.  Who knows maybe TSN bought too much of the rights and will overplay it.

As much as I fault CBC for their handling of things in the past.  This time, having someone swoop in and take something out from under them might actually work to their benefit.

One can only wonder if there is anyone there smart and clever enough to work with it.  Time can only tell.