A Rivalry Once Again, One Can Only Hope

Robert ReidContributor IJune 10, 2008

Seeing the news today brought a bit of excitement to my attention.  Hearing about the hiring of Ron Wilson in Toronto today was not only a sign that perhaps they were heading in the right direction but that maybe, just MAYBE the board had decided to take a step back in their dealings with the hockey side of things.

Now my vested interest in all of this is selfish pure and simple.  I am not a leafs fan, not in the least.  I am a sens fan, die hard.  Have been since their modern day inception in the inaugural 92-93 season. 

However, realizing that the leafs took a step in the RIGHT direction today is a sign that perhaps a once great, energetic and gritty rivalry might actually renew itself was exciting.  In all honesty can anyone think of a better one when the Toronto and Ottawa rivalry was at it's peak. 

Here's to the '08 - '09 season and perhaps maybe their might be some hate in those games again.