Top 11 Takeaways from the NFL's Veteran's Day Salute

DMtShooter Five Tool ToolCorrespondent INovember 9, 2009

  11) It's okay to remember Pat Tillman, but if you forget about certain parts of the Pat Tillman story, the Army really won't mind.

10) While everyone in the NFL thanks the troops, star quarterbacks thank them most of all.

9) Troops in Afghanistan are so starved for entertainment, they are genuinely enthused to see a Fox pregame show.

8) Tank Johnson would have joined, but the military just doesn't have access to enough guns to satisfy him.

7) The MNF announcing crew can give full mouth-jobs to people who aren't employed by the National (pause) Foot (pause) Ball (pause) League.

6) Between the attention from the NFL and the WWE, the troops have all of their Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Fathead needs taken care of.

5) If you want to take absolutely no crap for your fantasy football addiction, have it while serving overseas.

4) While the troops like football, one suspects that they'd really much rather have some time alone with select members of the cheerleading squad.

3) Camouflage decor looks a lot less out of place than breast-cancer pink on NFL players.

2) When ESPN's "First Take" goes to visit the Coast Guard Academy, it's a 50-50 call as to who is patronizing who.

1) All of the other sports who aren't doing this must hate America. - The Sports Blog That Loves You Back!