Miguel Cotto: The Champ Is Here

jose valderazContributor INovember 9, 2009

With all odds stacked against him completely in favor of his opponent, Miguel Cotto doesn't seem to be bothered nor discouraged one bit. The soft spoken fighter knows what needs to be done and knows its completely up to him to take action to see to it that it gets done. 

Right now the whole world is on this "Pacquiao express"! Now, don't get me wrong, there are those die hard Pac fans who have followed Pacquiao sense way before Barrera, but then there are those who within the past year have become fans. The guy has been impressive but like anything as long as your on top you have those followers who swear they have been loyal from the start. 
Everybody is looking forward to this fight. This fight is not going to be the fight of the year, this is the fight of the year! The last time I anticipated such a fight with the same energy and excitement was...say Oscar de la Hoya vs Fernando Vargas. Sometime ago. 

Today I look at Cotto and see a fighter, not a show-man, not hype-man nor an ego-maniac. I'm betting to, that Cotto knows his own top rank promoter is crossing his fingers hoping that Pacquiao walks away the winner. Is it worrying him, no. He's completely 100% focused on his opponent. He's dictating the training and doing things his way allowing no room for excuses if somehow the outcome come out as he hadn't intended. This is his shot to redeem himself and it appears that he isn't leaving anything to chance. Like Pacquiao he's going for the KO.

Many say Pacquiao, few say Cotto, when the final bell rings, the entire world will know so.

Go Cotto Go!