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Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent INovember 7, 2009

1:07: Crowd is actually not that bad. Students section is like a mirror reflecting the sun. The President, C. Washington, starts, so does Evans. Evans make tackle after catch on 3rd down. Punt return team goes for block, Milller has a pretty fancy 43 yard return.
Her comes Joe Cox and the sun in really shining. Cox scrambles for 5 or 6 yds. Caleb on the catch for 1st down. Several running play, now 3rd and short – Ealey for 4 and 1st down.  Cox to Aron White for big gainer (play-action). 1st down on 11.

9 play, 59 yd drive, 4:52.
UGA 7 – TT 0

4:58 left in 1st QTR
UGA 14 – TT 0

14:50 left in 2nd QTR
UGA 28 – TT 0

6:39 left in 2nd QTR
UGA 31  – TT 0

End of 1st half.
UGA 31 – TT 0

10:36 left in 3rd qtr.
UGA 38 – TT 0

Another sack by the defense. Goes for not as TT gets a 1st down. Dawgs’ energy level has dissapated. Still only given up 25 yards of offense on 37 plays. Another first down for TT.

End of 3rd QTR
UGA 38 – TT 0

Georgia 38, Tennessee Tech 0. Willie is a defensive wizard! lol