Sundays From the Cellar: A Bye Week in St. Louis

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Sundays From the Cellar: A Bye Week in St. Louis

Our usual “Sundays from the Cellar” guru, Josh Bacott, was out late last night celebrating the Rams bye week.  He’ll be back in the saddle next Monday, where we’re assured to be entertained by his recap of the Rams inevitable thrashing by the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints come into the game averaging, um, 37.9 points/game.  The Rams average 9.6, but that feels a little high.  Our friends at have the line at 13.5, which anyone with a few spare bucks should be all over.

Since the Rams are coming off a bye, football chatter is few and far between in St. Louis today.  Some local restaurants have used the bye week as a good excuse to cut ties all together.


Can’t say we blame them.

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