Seattle Mariners: Hitting Coach Jeff Pentland Fired

Braden MooreAnalyst IJune 10, 2008

Heads have begun to roll in the Seattle Mariners organization.

The front office started to hold some of their coaches accountable for their disappointing season as they fired hitting coach Jeff Pentland.

The Mariners' offense has struggled all year, hitting around .250 as a team.

The Mariners' offense, while not expected to carry the team, was expected to be potent enough to be competitive.

To replace Pentland, the Mariners will look to 70-year-old Lee Elia.

While Elia is excited for the promotion, he understands that hitting coaches are one of the most expendable parts of a coaching staff.  "You can't teach old dogs new tricks," said Elia,  "A hitter is who he is, you can refine their skills over time, but you cannot change who they are."

This could be the first in a long line of changes for the coaching and front office side of the organization.  There has been much speculation about the job security of both manager John McLaren and GM Bill Bavasi. 

In addition, the bullpen has been struggling, and new coach Norm Charlton may begin to feel some heat as well.

While this move may appear like the team is addressing its problems, it is more like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.  There are deeper fundamental problems that need to be addressed before the ballclub begins to turn the corner.