November 9th, 1931: Whitey Herzog is Born

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November 9th, 1931: Whitey Herzog is Born

November 9, 1931

Today, we celebrate the 78th birthday of Whitey Herzog.  Growing up in St. Louis, it’s tough to imagine a more popular persona in the past 20 years than Herzog, who managed the Cardinals from 1980-1990 and brought home a World Series trophy in 1982.

Many traditional Whitey fans long for his unique style of play, featuring pitching, speed and defense – rather than raw power.

Most importantly, fans long for two things; Whitey’s red satin jacket, which he seemed to wear during all temperatures…and his infamous crew cut.


Impress your co-workers: Whitey’s official name is Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog.  Yeah, we’re glad he shortened it to “Whitey” as well.

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