Saints Take First Half Off, Again

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Saints Take First Half Off, Again
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder why the Saints defense has taken the field unprepared for the Falcons and the Panthers, not to mention the Dolphins earlier?  And the offense appeared to need a shot of espresso before the Carolina game because I'm not sure they were fully awake until the second half started.

Watching big backs run touchdowns right out of the gate, two consecutive weeks, just stunned me.  What is worse, they ran outside to do it.  The Panthers watched Atlanta do it on film, and they just went out and did the same thing, no problem.

Well, nobody calls me, and this is the reason those things happened.  I could have stopped it if only Payton had called.  It's the uniforms, stupid!!!  What's with this black shirt deal?  And even worse against the Falcons, black shirts and pants!  Got to be the ugliest uniform in the history of the NFL!  HINT:  You're the Saints!  Wear WHITE!!!  Those black shirts are making the Saints sleepy.  They are warm, cozy and dark, so the Saints get sleepy. Nobody beats the Saints when they are wearing their whites.  You heard it here first.  If the Saints don't don the whites for the Patriots game they will find themselves 10-1.

So if anyone reading this has a pipeline to Saint Payton, enlighten him.  Meanwhile, I can only wait for him to call because I doubt they will take a call from me.  WHITE SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS!!!  Is anybody out there?

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