Tyco Announces Controversial Tim Tebow Toy

Jeremy FisherContributor INovember 9, 2009

We all remember the 1997 Tickle-me-Elmo debacle. Parents fought in stores, employees were injured, and thousands of kids were ultra-pissed they didn't get one.

Tyco, the company who makes the damned thing, was high on success. Unfortunately the product would decline in years to come, and now it isn't even that cool to play with one.

That all may change this Christmas season with the latest edition of the toy. Based off the stunningly cute University of Florida quarterback, the "Tickle-me-Tebow" is expected to be a huge holiday hit.

When you squeeze the adorable doll, Tebow will roll around and chuckle. If you squeeze it 3 times in a row, you will get a varied reaction.

Sometimes he will recount his motivational speech given after the loss to Ole Miss, but instead of crying, he laughs through it. Other times, it celebrates as if it just scored a game winning touchdown.

Occasionally, it will even come out of the closet and tell you he is gay.

But the controversy comes from when you gauge its eyes. The startling reaction is, "I don't think you did anything I wouldn't do".

Does Tyco not expect hundreds of children not to be frightened by this reaction? Although this does resemble the real Tim Tebow, should little kids be hearing that?

Even more disturbing was Tebow's response when it was brought up in a press conference. He simply replied, "cool".

Tickle-me-Tebow is still expected to be a winner, especially because it targets not only little kids, but women. Why? The interior bag and hidden spout should make Tim Tebow the most popular douche of the season.