Cavaliers' 2008 Draft Preview: Who Should They Pick?

Eric LawheadCorrespondent IJune 10, 2008

At least this year they actually get to add a player to the team through the draft.

With no picks in last year's draft the Cleveland Cavaliers need to make a thoughtful and impacting decision.

Next season is a pivotal one for the Cavs. If nothing is done around LeBron James for next season you can pretty much see him ride out following the '09-'10 season, when his contract expires.

The franchise needs to keep him happy.

There are a few ways they could go with the 19th pick:

·         They could get another big man like a Kosta Koufos—bad idea! The first pick, big guns, never seem to work out;

·         They could try and trade the pick to move up— not a bad idea;

·         They could trade the pick for a second round pick and a young proven scorer.


Their biggest need is someone who can score besides LeBron. Maybe a trade down or out for a young scorer is the way to go.

If they aren't going to trade out for an already NBA talent scorer, then they need to draft one.

A guy like Chris Douglas-Roberts would be a good choice. Not only does he have three first names, but also he can be scorer for LeBron.

When the Cavs had Larry Hughes, he could score, but he wanted the ball too much. With a young guy who can score, but will be willing to trade out some shots for big plays for LeBron, the Cavs will be best off.

Whatever Cleveland decides to do with their pick will still be better than last year's off-season.

The team can only improve or they may lose the best player in the NBA—King James.