Panthers-Saints" Hard Fought Battle End Results Not Expected"

Nikolai ClaryContributor INovember 8, 2009

The Carolina Panthers went into New Orleans on Sunday and Played a undefeated team who was looking for their 8th Straight win. Carolina was playing Terrific football 17-6 Carolina Lead at half. Saints had the ball to start out the 3rd quater. They marched all the way down the field and scored a td. Carolina Played great football looking like they were going to win. Carolina lead the game the whole way until the 4th Quarter,thats when things turned bad. Carolina ran the ball unstopable all game long as they usually do but in this case both teams played until the end. So Carolina was leading Drew Brees leads them to a huge 4th Quarter 24 unanswered point to win 30-20. Carolina to me in this case they were going to win but thier skills had stopped in the 4th quarter. Carolina Contiunes to impress with their running attack on the ground while Jake has made a comeback while not throwing in picks in the last 2 games. So Carolina has some issues they had injurys major ones, which hurt them even more. Carolina's injury's are a big factor when they play. Jake Delhomme has improved and if he keeps playing like he is then Panthers have a shot to go to playoffs, as long as they win. So Carolina will head into Charlotte next week vs Alanta who won vs Redskins today. So its going to be pretty tuff. So Carolina is still going strong but needs some wins at this point. No changes in QB,RB,WR but needs those injury's to cure and be ready to play again. Brad Hoover  needs to be healty. Carolina stand at 3-5 no bad but still needs to win so Go Carolina.