And now the Ulcer Bleeds

Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009

The Georgia Bulldogs are suffering through the worst season of Mark Richt’s career. As bad as the season has been, I am afraid it will pale in comparison to how bad things are going to be in the off-season.

We ran a BUI poll giving you the reader the opportunity to give a thumbs up or down to every member of the coaching staff. The results were not that surprising. I plan on doing the same poll following the season and comparing the results.

I bring this up because my readers, by a large majority, gave Rodney Garner a vote of approval. Not much of a news maker given his reputation as a recruiter and all of the talent he has sent to play on Sunday. There was a solid handful of Garner critics via email or direct tweets. No one dared go public with any criticism of Garner. Until now.

Kensingtondawg delves into the narrative that many in the Bulldog Nation have dared not go.

Richt Should Fire Garner First! « The Grit Tree

However, Martinez should not be the only defensive coach shown the door. In fact, Rodney Garner should be the first coach let go. According to sources close to program, Rodney Garner is a “cancer” on this staff, and one of the reasons Kirby Smart is not on this coaching staff today is due to a falling out with Garner.

I too, have been told of problems within the coaching staff that center upon Coach Garner. In fact, this led me to predict Coach Searels would leave before Coach Martinez. Bringing John Lily in, an excellent recruiter in his own right, should serve to mitigate some of the jeopardy we face in future decisions regarding Coach Garner, but I am less than excited by the prospect.

Despite President Obama’s election, we are not living in a post-racial America. In things as nasty as college football recruiting, we can all be assured any slighting of Garner will be used against us.

It is what it is. I love to get your thoughts on the situation.