Toby's NASCAR Power Rankings after Pocono 500

Toby ChristieSenior Analyst IJune 10, 2008

Well Pocono was an interesting race in person, but on paper it looks kind of boring the guy who started first, which was Kasey Kahne, finished first. The guy who started last finished last and that was Kyle Busch.  Did each of their finishes impact the power rankings?

[ 1 ] Kasey Kahne (he's won two of the last three races and the All-Star race before this stretch nobody is as hot right now as kasey kahne). +2 spots

[ 2 ] Jeff Burton (Under the radar all day long... typical Jeff Burton day runs fifth and picks up huge amounts of points on Kyle Busch). Stayed the same

[ 3 ] Dale Earnhardt Jr. (rebounds from last weeks 35th place at Dover with a fourth at Pocono, and with the way he raced for fourth in the closing laps just imagine how aggressive he'll be if hes in the top two on the last lap).+1 Spot

[ 4 ] Kyle Busch (With a 43rd place finish Kyle Busch moves down from the top spot in my rankings, not just because he crashed, but because he was the honestly the worst driver on the track all day long, we'll use the trifecta as the excuse Kyle). -3 Spots

[ 5 ] Matt Kenseth (On a hot streak as of late, a 7th place finish moves him to 15th in Sprint Cup standings, inching closer to a chase spot). +2 Spots

[ 6 ] Carl Edwards (Another solid top 10, that makes 10 on the season). Stayed the same

[ 7 ] Jimmie Johnson (Started 2nd finished 6th, used some pit strategy along the way good run, but Hendrick still is behind right now). +2 Spots

[ 8 ] Clint Bowyer (He finally found Montoya... all joking aside it wasn't Montoya's fault what was with the safty crew taking its time?) -3 Spots

[ 9 ] Greg Biffle (This team has good cars, but their inability to seal the deal is what drops them this week). -1 Spot

[10] Brian Vickers (had a great car, if not for the number 9 showing up what could've been... still great to see this team gel after its struggles a year ago). +5 Spots

[11] Jeff Gordon (Showed a little strength early, but not what he was last year). +1 Spot

[12] Kevin Harvick (28th to 13th not too bad still hangin' in the chase). Stayed +1 Spot

[13] David Ragan (I don't know what happened... mediocre run looked kind of like David from last year minus the damage). -2 Spots

[14] Tony Stewart (Don't worry Tony you weren't the worst Gibbs car this week and you finished 35th). -4 spots

[15] Kurt Busch (Spun, tore up the Splitter, and still came back to finish Top10!) New to the rankings this week

Dropped Out This Week: Martin Truex Jr.