Will The 30th Season Be a Big One For The Calgary Flames?

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer INovember 8, 2009

CALGARY, CANADA - OCTOBER 28:  Goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff #34 of the Calgary Flames looks on during a break in game action against the Colorado Avalanche on October 28, 2009 at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The Avalanche defeated the Flames 3-2. (Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images)
Dale MacMillan/Getty Images

Calgary is celebrating it's 30th season this year. Their franchise has existed for 30 years and for 30 years they only came up with 1 Stanley Cup. My question is will 30 mark the second cup for the Flames? I know it's bold to call something like this especially early into the season, but why not. The Flames obviously have the potential to be a cup contender, but when they get to the playoffs something just goes wrong.

Could it be that they overwork their starting goalie, Miikka Kiprusoff? Well I'm sure that plays a big role in it. Miikka goes into to every season knowing that he will be one of the highest playing goalies. By that I mean they have him playing too many games. They overwork him and despite how good he is he will die out by then end of the game.

They need to put more trust in the back up Curtis McElhinney. He is a good goalie, but for some reasons he chokes at times when he is given the start. When Kiprusoff was sick and Curtis was started against the Dallas Stars he pulled through. He stood tall and helped them take the win in overtime 3-2. It was a very good sign for the Flames. We need McElhinney to be ready to step in at anytime and get the win for us Calgary Flames fans.

Next thing to address is the defense.

The Calgary Flames obviously have one of the best defenses in the NHL. They have top defenders like Phaneuf, Bouwmeester, Robyn Regehr and more. Obviously we have a top defense that can hit, score, and make the goalie feel confident that if he makes an error they will be there. Last season was considered by many to be one of Phaneuf's worst years. I do not agree with this because he still put up good points, but something he was missing for sure were the big hits. Phaneuf is big hitting defenseman and he needs to act like it. He obviously has the scoring ability as a defender and that's great. Phaneuf can definitely be a leader on this team for years to come and he needs to start showing it.

The addition of Bouwmeester was without a doubt a very good one. It was a smart move on their part because he is an up and coming defenseman who will definitely help them out down the line. They need to put him out there and let him do his thing to help them win.

Robyn Regehr has been a member of the Flames for a while. He can score, hit and play defense extremely well. He needs to guide some of the younger players and help them get on task. He could be a big help to Dion Phaneuf and help him progress in the league. Robyn is a big presence on the team and will need to act like it.

Other key defensmena wil be guys like Cory Sarich, Staffan Kronwall, and Adam Pardy. They all have to be good out there to help the Flames on their road to a possible cup. Remember a lot of things need to go right for them to make the finals, but if they do it's possible.

Finally the offense.

Every team needs a good offense, when it comes to the Flames it's no exception. The Flames need scoring if they wanna do well in this league. Every NHL team does. They need scoring to come back in games that look lost. They need scoring so they can pull away early in a game. They need it to help them break those deadlocks and to get out of those tied games.

Jarome Iginla is the Flames captain and leader. He is their best player when it comes to offense and is playing like it in November. Iginla's struggles in October are well documented, but now that's it's over Iginla is playing great. Iginla has never really had "that" center, but now I believe he does. Olli Jokinen could be that centerman Iginla has been missing his whole career. This could prove quite the duo. Then there's also Rene Bourque. He is definitely going to be a great player in this league. To have him on the same line as Iginla and Jokinen will do great things for him.

The rest of the Flames offense is going to be good too. Guys like Moss, Glencross, and Langkow. Those guys as well as others need to contribute if the Flames want to find themselves at top of the league. If all that comes through this should be an awesome season for the Flames.

With great goaltending(but not overworking Kiprusoff), a good defense, and a scoring offense this team should go far. With any hopes all the way to that shining silver cup. Who knows? Maybe they'll lift it soon.