Sting Wins TNA Title

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IOctober 15, 2007

Icon Sports MediaSo Sting is the new TNA Champion? what exactly does this accomplish for the expanding company? In my View absolutly nothing.To say Sting is way past his prime is being very nice ( I never have been sold on his greatness to begin with) Why would a company striving to compete with WWE turn to a star from well over a decade ago to lead the charge? it is very confusing. I have never understood the big deal about Sting he has done the same moves in the same order for about 20 years now ( the same criticism of Jeff Jarret by TNA fans) and he has never made anyone else a star like Ric Flair did for him.

TNA has just moved to a 2 hour format for the frist time in prime time.This is the perfect Chance to showcase some homegrown talent not retread the past again.Tne management at TNA are missing a huge opportunity to make new stars and push fresh faces into the spotlight.Having former champions from the 90's hold your titles is not going to boost your ratings. How about the long-awaited Samoa Joe Title run? Or not killing A.J. Styles with a lame WWE-like gimmick? What about Ron Killings?I think he has proven he can run with the ball when given the chance. Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels is one of the best wrestlers in the world period where is his T.V. time?

Instead we get the Steiners and Team 3-D and VKM arguing over who ruled wrestling in the late 90's Who cares why not just bring back Hall and Nash while we're at it?TNA should be looked at as an alternative for the same old WWE tired garbage they feed us instead TNA shoves Sting and Black Reign Dustin Rhodes down our throats.If I want to watch washed up has beens barely wrestling I'll break out the WCW dvd's.

Despite going to a 2 hour format Impact's ratings have stayed the same,wonder why TNA management? because you are force feeding the wrestling fans garbage just like Vince does.

I want a viable alternative to WWE and TNa is dropping the ball big time.



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    Iconic Sports Illustrated Writer Deford Dies at Age 78

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